The more I learn about how we drive change in organisations, more I am convinced that we need to change the way we change. I believe organisations need to understand that change is as much about technology and process as it is about humans. The success or failure of a change initiative depends on the behavioural and cultural aspects as much as it does on the enabling processes and technology. I believe my skills and experience puts me in the best place to deliver long lasting success for change initiatives. You can read more about my change management philosophy on this blog or through my LinkedIn profile.

In my spare time I love to conduct guest lectures at b-schools. I have been lucky enough to do that at leading Indian and British b-schools. I also work as a social media consultant to my mother 😉 with whom I have published a book, run a successful blog and Facebook page. My other skills include blogging, poetry and making a mean cup of Chai..

Here are the principles that drive me as a change management professional

• Projects exists to deliver benefits not solutions
• People do not hate change, they just hate badly executed change
• Change is not a marathon or a sprint, it is a relay
• Change is a non-linear process
• Change need to be marketed not just communicated
• There is nothing called as users or employees, they are the customers of your change
• You get people to change by making the change work for them; not the other way around
• During a conflict you should always be on the side of people and not the change.
• Grass-root leadership is way more important than executive sponsorship
• Benefits must be common sense and you should be able to explain those as a story
• A change manager’s primary job is to listen
• There isn’t a single journey that all change recipients take
• Change is never about systems. It is about behaviours, rituals and culture.
• If you fix culture, then change should take care of itself