Random thoughts on Change Management

For long I am trying to summarise what I have learned about change management in past few years.. So here are few things to begin with

  • The thing about technology adoption is to take technology out of it to being with.
  • You get people to change and adopt by making the change work for them. People should not get the feeling that change is more important than them
  • During a conflict you should always be on the side of people and not the change.
  • During a change we cannot assume that people do not want to change. That creates an adversarial system i.e. us vs them.
  • The way to work with change is to provide people with a way to channel their objections. If objections to the change are not reaching you then you got no chance of addressing them.
  • Just as in customer experience, there isn’t a single journey that all change recipients take. Flexibility is key to successful change management
  • Change is never about technology. It is about behaviour, rituals and ultimately about culture.. If you fix culture then technology adoption should take care of itself..

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